New England Airfoil Products, Inc. manufacturing methodology applies LEAN manufacturing principles utilizing a cellular layout for high volume production parts that supports single piece flow to minimize cost. The company adopts SMED (Single-Minute Exchange of Dies) in order to minimize idle time on high capital cost equipment, this dramatic  reduction in the time it takes to complete equipment changeovers provides our customers with cost benefited product.

The promotion of year on year continuous improvement programs are actively met to maintain marketplace competitiveness.


The company specializes in the machining and finishing of highly complex tight tolerance three dimensional surfaces. The advantage of high speed machining speed of these surfaces is optimized by the use of sophisticated vibration control systems utilizing complex hydraulic and mechanical fixturing techniques.  

The company offers:

  • Horizontal Milling, Turning and Grinding
  • Vertical Milling and Turning.


New England Airfoil Products, Inc. offers a variety of finishing techniques including a proprietary patented mass finishing method. This methodology avoids the need for manual polishing enabling the lowest roughness and the highest level of surface consistency process repeatability in the market place today. This allows the company to deliver products conforming to the ever increasing aero efficiency requirements.


The following processes are in-house:

  • Coating
  • NDT
  • Vibro-polishing Peening/surface enhancements
  • Assembly and testing


The company applies a range of advanced inspection and testing methods to meet the most stringent OEM inspection requirements.

These methodologies include high precision measurement and other NADCAP approved NDT techniques, such as CMM, MPI, FPI, moment weigh, frequency testing and other specialist processes.