NEAP parent is 130 years old!

Pietro Rosa TBM Celebrates  130-year anniversary at the Paris Air show

Pietro Rosa TBM celebrated its 130-year history at an event held at the Paris Airshow. The event was well attended with customers, business partners and officials. 

A memento of the event was recorded in the form of a crystal obelisk that historically represented technological ingenuity, this also symbolises the spirit of the company.

Bart Kollen who is the deputy commissioner of the department of economic development for the State presented a proclamation Issued by the Governor of the State of Connecticut to the company.  The proclamation cited the pride of the State of Connecticut having the connection with such a long-standing European company through its New England Airfoil Products operation in the USA.

The Group CEO, Mauro Fioretti took the opportunity to speak about the secret of longevity of the company through its Values, its people and its ability to adapt to the evolving market places that it operates in.

Here is to the next century of this dynamic company.

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Clive Cunliffe
Corporate Strategy and Communications